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Vessel Sinks. Vessel Sinks of Kohler. Travanco bath world pvt ltd deals in to Vessel sinks trading in Trivandrum Inspired by the Cape Town Stadium built in 2010, the Veil sink draws on its sculptural simplicity and sophistication. Marrying unexpected artfulness with advanced technology for visual and experiential seamlessness, the Veil sink is the perfect addition to any ultra modern bathroom. The lift at each end is evocative of the lines of a sailing vessel and gives the design a surprising lightness. Inspired by ripples in water, our Ribana sink is contemporary design at its best. The irregular spiral pattern adds a sense of vibrancy and rhythm to the modern bathroom along with a unique resonance and character. Deep and generous, the design reduces splashing and is remarkably easy to clean. Kankara’s design is evocative of one of nature’s truly persistent wonders, a pebble sitting on a river bed. Referencing Time and Earth, the two luxuries we most commonly take for granted, the irregular design is a vision of nature transformed into a contemporary vessel sink. Add it to your space for a unique yet gracious and inviting design aesthetic that will never fail to draw eyes. Our Mica vessel sink may look fragile but is surprisingly strong. The luxurious 6mm body is a homage to modern minimalism while the ceramic material adds durability and strength, together they form an exquisite work of art that adds grace and elegance to your space.
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